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Freelance Photojournalist & Independent Artisan, Past: Early Childhood Educator & Advocate, Tai Chi Instructor, Energy Work, Midwife Assistant, Computer Instructor & Professional Dancer. Interested in social justice work. Love the outdoors! And love miniature worlds.

Just a Hint of Autumn…

  Just a hint of autumn, no more,                                                                 … Continue reading

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Laying Here…

Laying here letting my life pass away before me, wasting time, or am I?  I use to rush at life, be out and about filling every second.  Now quiet, at home, I use my chronic neurological condition, that is I … Continue reading

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30 Some Odd Years Apart… A Rant!

Thirty some odd years apart and now you decide to reach across the phone lines out of guilt, to find out what you did and if you are absolved.  I cave, you come, we walk, we talk, have coffee, eat … Continue reading

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Tear – Suggestion from Haiku Horizons – unedited ramblings

Tear paper haikus Divide heartache of the soul Leaving us here split Tear violent words A tear shed remembering Us, now me and you. A tear, so simple Now rolls past my nose, my cheek, Salt leaves bitter taste. A … Continue reading

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She must have been seven when she walked across the white washed wooden bridge feeling nothing but love from someone so close and cherished, her Nana. But then she picked up an acorn, on it’s own.  Searched for it’s cap … Continue reading

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Do I Tell Her…

Words tumble in short quips from her lips she thinks them poems – in reality simply a negative pile of shit. Do I tell her?

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A Moment in Time

There was a large piece of jade sitting in a pond surrounded by a courtyard of cement. Laying in the courtyard we watched the Perseid meteor shower. The future was full of promise. The four of us talked about our … Continue reading

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