30 Some Odd Years Apart… A Rant!

Thirty some odd years apart and now you decide to reach across the phone lines out of guilt, to find out what you did and if you are absolved.  I cave, you come, we walk, we talk, have coffee, eat sweets and smell the roses within the circles at the end of 4 different blocks.  You are tender, you kiss my forehead. I had only just let you go in my heart, no longer felt the loss.  It took so long. You say your passive aggressive self did not allow our friendship to continue.  Fifteen years we were together yet you say that had we made it another 7 or so years you would have finally matured and we would have continued and made it, never mind about her…. Later you say you didn’t want children and had we been together I wouldn’t have had that chance to raise a child, a baby, again trying to assuage your guilt. Can’t help but think you really don’t want a friendship, a relationship, you just want your guilt to go away.  You say you feel bad for the way you treated me, but are you just repeating yourself again?


About rhubsknit

Freelance Photojournalist & Independent Artisan, Past: Early Childhood Educator & Advocate, Tai Chi Instructor, Energy Work, Midwife Assistant, Computer Instructor & Professional Dancer. Interested in social justice work. Love the outdoors! And love miniature worlds.
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