Yes, If I Could Dream A World…

10582822_10203801594554655_4717899810463185005_oThis past weekend I was up in Seattle seeing friends and acquaintances from around the world who share a similar interest as myself and even though I have been moving on, I still felt great joy in their presence!  Yet due to all the trouble going on in Ukraine-Russia, the Middle East crisis-especially ISIS both in Syria and Iraq, the Palestinian-Israeli war, the terrorist and civil wars in Northern and Western Africa as well as the Ebola crisis, I felt the need to post something I had written back last March when some terrorist activity against women and girls trying to get an education had taken place whether it had been a shooting or the later kidnapping of 300 young girls in Africa.  Remember this was written before many of the latest incidents and wars had started so here it goes…

Yes, If I Could Dream A World…   March 5, 2014 at 12:42am

If I could dream, I would dream that every woman and young girl had access to education throughout the world.  If I could dream, there would be free exchange of information, ideas, culture, arts, technologies, and scienc10496044_10203822678161732_9126284095395622381_oe between all peoples in all counties.  If I could dream religion would stay out of all governments, and all religions would have respect for both the similarities and differences between them while at the same time allowing people to come to their own religion on their own without trying to impose religious mores on those with slightly different or even radically different beliefs!  If I could dream, I could write to a woman in Northern Korea and to a woman in Iran and truly get to know each of these women and what her hopes and dreams were to be.

If I had a dream, there would be a Palestinian state and an Israeli state, and the peoples of each country could flow back and forth amongst each other without fear, and only love and respect, putting the past behind themIMG_3220!  If I had a dream, the wars in Africa would stop, as would bribery and corruption, not just in Africa, but around the world so that all peoples could help one another out and so that all countries and their people could prosper!  If I could dream, I would dream that the peoples of the world would lose their greed and know when they have enough, sharing what they have out of love and compassion, as well as empathy with others in need.  If I could dream, I would love to see borders disappear, but if not gone then people could at least move freely to the country of their choice under the politics they wish to live as not all of us would want to live under the same system.  And I believe no one country would ever be overrun or if so there might just be a change in the governments of the other countries to draw people back. But I suspect that would not even be an issue as most people love to live where their families are which is why I would love to see freedom between borders as I have seen too many families, including my own, separated unnecessarily by an imposed artificial border.  If I could dream, no child would die from lack of water or food, nor would any man or woman and we would all have shelter and access to health care.  Yes, if I could dream…IMG_2434


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Freelance Photojournalist & Independent Artisan, Past: Early Childhood Educator & Advocate, Tai Chi Instructor, Energy Work, Midwife Assistant, Computer Instructor & Professional Dancer. Interested in social justice work. Love the outdoors! And love miniature worlds.
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